VITOLED, The Future Vision of Lighting


Lighting is an important part of daily life for very long time. The sensitivity of people about environment was caused to be researched and developed new trends in lighting phenomon. Nowadays LED with its advantages such as higher energy efficiency, longer lifetime, and wide range of color options has become the future of lighting sector day by day. In lighting design, LED's also present flexibility and controllability even considering artistic trends for indoor&outdoor lighting projects. On the other hand, LED's are known as environment-friendly with its lower CO2 emmisions. By the way, LED's don't contain hazardous contents and don't radiate any UV lightbeam and radiated-heat like other traditional lightsources.


In conclusion, while LED technology and its availability has been steadily improved, the advantages of latest innovations in lighting have been ascended in advance.



VITOLED with its 25years of expereince in lighting-sector aims to be a leader by encouraging people and firms for using LED's in illumination area. As a designer and producer of new LED technologies, VITOLED presents special-purpose wall-washer and outdoor projector models with powerLED ve multiLED options to be used certainly in lighting projects. For indoor applications, VITOLED has decorative downlight and spotlight fixtures too.



In lighting projects with LED applications, VITOLED also supplies professional consulting service to achieve customer satisfaction well. For example, according to demands for higher lumen outputs, VITOLED offers multiLED technology with registered fixture designs to be used for wide-area lighting.

As a result, our vision is to be a global company with popular brands in lighting-sector. We'll have been continuing our all processes to have a strong influence in illumination area in near future.